What We Do:
Web design, mobile development and more.

While the process varies depending on the nature of the web site being developed, the steps we go through during development generally remain the same.

Step 1. We Discuss What You Need:

We can't build it right until we know what it is exactly a client needs and wants.

During this initial assessment we'll discuss the particulars of the site to be developed, from the functionality required down to template details. When a client has particular objectives but isn't sure of the best way to approach them, this process allows us to discuss all the available options and decide on how to proceed. Once we have a good understanding of the clients wishes, we can begin on the next step...

Step 2. We Write Up a Proposal:

A development proposal outlines all the particulars of the site/project to be developed, their associated costs, what's required from the client (things like copy/content, logos, ongoing approvals, etc.) and the amount of time it will take to get to and through each milestone.

Once completed, the proposal is provided to the client for review, at which point they have the opportunity to review the work to be done, the time it will take, and the associated costs. This often results in requests for changes to the proposal, whether it's to accommodate additional work, solidify particular details or to adjust costs.

Step 3. We Get Confirmation & an Agreement:

Once we've done enough back and forth with the client and have all the particulars ironed out, a quick contract gets put together that outlines the work to be done and the requirements from both us and the customer.

Client requirements are typically related to providing the materials needed in order to start and continue with the development process. This may include various copy (writing), logos, files, etc. Depending on the price and scope of the project, a deposit is normally required prior to work commencing, and additional 'milestone' payments may be required as well for longer development periods.

Step 4. We Design the 'Look and Feel':

Getting things looking right is normally the first step when putting together a new site for a client. This is often referred to as designing a 'template' or 'theme' for the project. Based on the input we received during the initial discovery and proposal phases, we put together visual (image-based) mock-ups of how the site will look before actually getting into the coding.

This step is likely to result in additional discussions with the client upon their review of the template(s) provided, after which we modify and provide the changed template again for review and commentary. This may require some back and forth until the client is happy, at which point we proceed to the development phase.

Step 5. We Get on with the Development:

While the previous steps are usually very similar despite the project particulars, the development phase can vary greatly. After design approval, a valid XHTML/CSS mockup is generally the first step, but after that what happens depends entirely on the nature of the project; whether it's putting together a simple static site and getting right on adding content or customizing a CMS integration and testing out module configurations.

During larger projects the development project is often split into 'milestones' again, ensuring a timely process and allowing a thorough client review at each phase to ensure they're happy.

Step 6. We Test, You Test, We Deliver.

Once the development is completed, we'll do a final run through on the site and encourage the client to do the same. Assuming all is well, the final product is uploaded to the clients server/host and made 'live' to the public.