What We Do:
Web design, mobile development and more.

We've created hundreds of Web sites over the years for clients around the world in all types of industries; from simple brochure-style sites to enterprise level content management systems. For sole-proprietorships, big business and government agencies of all sizes and budgets - if it's in a browser, we can do it.

Content Management Systems:

A "content management system" (or CMS for short) allows designated administrators (people) to make easy content modifications and additions to their site. While the interface varies depending on the particular CMS and options used, editing is usually comparable to working with a simple word processing program.

With the right CMS setup you can easily modify most aspects of your site; changing content, moving content, adding and deleting content and media, with as many or as few individual editors as needed, each with their own permissions as needed.

Content management systems are invariably more work to set up (and cost more to develop accordingly), but can save clients time and money for years after the initial development process by letting them handle most things in-house once the initial site is complete.

While the setup required adds to the initial development costs when compared to brochure style sites, we are well versed in creating sites using open-source content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla; making for cost-effective solutions that don't require any software purchase or licensing fees.

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e-Commerce Solutions:

Looking to sell your products or services online? While not still without it's effort, e-commerce is easier than ever.

Whether it's a single product or an entire storefront, donations, service charges or anything else you can charge for, we can help you set up a unique storefront or add the ability to take payments on your existing site.

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"Brochure Style" Web Sites:

While the majority of sites we build utilize some kind of content management system, having a "brochure style" site (also called "static") has it's own advantages. For one, it's cheaper to develop than a CMS solution. Secondly, assuming the content doesn't need to change frequently it's also relatively maintenance free.

For small businesses that don't need to modify their own content and/or change it frequently; simple, static web sites are often a viable, more affordable solution.

Flash Design and Development:

Having worked with Flash for nearly 20 years, we have significant experience in developing games, presentations and complete web sites utilizing Flash technology.

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Mobile Development

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, making web sites mobile friendly these days is naturally important, but additional opportunities exist through the deployment of applications.

An "application" in the mobile world refers to a standalone program that someone downloads for use on their mobile device. It might be a game, a book, a utility, or just about any other type of program you can think of. It may be sold for a profit, offered for free - but with optional in-app purchases available, or given away altogether for brand building or promotional purposes. The primary markets for these apps are:

Apple iOS

Apple (iOS)

While Android powered devices are catching up in popularity, Apple's iOS still remains the primary target for most types of applications with its very active marketplace.

Greenstick fully supports application development for all of today's popular iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods (and yes, even watches!)



Google's Android platform has quickly grown in popularity since its introduction.

Greenstick currently supports development for Android devices operating on versions 2.2 or higher. This represents a majority of today's users, but may exclude those with much "older" smart phones.

Other Mobile Devices

Windows & More:

We've recently started developing applications for the Windows marketplace as well, providing opportunity for both Windows Mobile and their recent operating systems supporting apps.

While they don't have quite the market share that Apple and Android do, we also develop for the Barnes & Noble NOOK and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

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